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In typically unorthodox fashion Gear Guru Alex @endof73 takes a different approach looking at the how came about and gives an informal look behind the scenes at the UK's #1 Fightstore... The PROVLOG on YouTube delivers a different angle to previous videos with an opportunity to introduce Fightstore customers to the many friends we have in the industry, expert opinion, exposes on some of the Fight games practices and in a world of fake stores, ran by people with no interest in the combat sports arena, what makes Fightstorepro so special. In PROVLOG#2 Alex asks the question "What is a Brand?" exploring many of the popular reasons as to why the fight industry picks one brand over another reaching perhaps some slightly different conclusions to many and offers an insight as to why Fightstorepro has always chosen a path less commonly trodden by the mainstream. The Fightstorepro Facebook page perhaps offers a good insight as to why its represents a different choice for todays fighters for their equipment:
Having spent many years training in Kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts and BJJ between the the early 1990’s and 2008, where authentic quality equipment was hard to come by, founder Alex saw that members of his fight team would resort to bringing back equipment from training trips to Brazil and the USA such was the difficulty of obtaining quality gear.
The belief that every Fighter deserved the best equipment available, to avoid injury due to poor quality equipment and that people new to the sports should have the chance to get the right gear from day one became key to the development of the Fightstorepro brand. The experience of travelling round the UK’s infant MMA scene and hanging out with guys who were to become the greats of British Mixed Martial Arts gave founder Alex a rare perspective on the scene which has helped mould the brand.
The highly popular review series we started on YouTube in 2015 has had people requesting more content for the last 3 years but since the ownership of the store has finally been fixed and things brought back on track we are pleased to annouce this is restarting soon. Plans to release the first actual review are

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