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My Hands Hurt? Is it my Boxing Gloves?

Injuries are the bane of many an athletes life and the effect this can have can be devastating. Recently at Fightstorepro we have sat with stars such as Ross Pearson who had to pull out of his rematch with Melvin Guillard due to a knee injury whilst our friend Mike Wilkinson also suffered a string of injuries last year. This is bad enough but if your equipment is aiding and abetting this situation then in the Think Pro attitude of our Fightstore pro team we find that unacceptable. Gloves whether they are MMA, Boxing or Bag Gloves are the staple of Combat Sports training equipment and its also fair to say that poorly fitting, bad quality or damaged gloves will almost certainly end up causing you hand injuries no matter which sport you do.

The three issues outlined above are almost all somewhat separate although one can almost certainly actually lead to another. We'll deal first with the "poorly fitting" gloves problem as this one does not necessarily mean the gloves themselves are poor. One of the most common analogies we use at the store are shoes. If you buy shoes which don't fit you they will end up hurting you; that's a fact most people will appreciate however why then the same logical isn't applied to gloves is hard to imagine however we know at FSPRO that many of the gloves purchased in the industry are based on a price, a pretty design or well known brand name rather than actual functional practicality.

In contrast an actual professional fighter will do the opposite. We have the pleasure of many top pro's shopping with us and I know how picky these guys can be but for totally the right reasons! It can be the case that gloves that fit poorly may well be excellent quality.

Fairtex BGV1 are renowned world wide as a great boxing glove, few people would argue that these are not a quality item however they are a very specific design. The Fairtex BGV1 is a tight fit boxing glove, exceptionally small (inside and out) and evidently designed with the smaller Thai male in mind. Often an excellent glove for Western women with quite soft padding however this may be the wrong glove for say an 80 kg Western man with average to large hands and is certainly not a great Boxers glove.

The first thing you should probably consider when buying new gloves is whether or not you can actually try them on or whether you have to buy them online? If its the latter then your next best option is to ask advice from the person on the phone at the store of your choosing, boxing gloves are a specialist item the kid at the local sports store (unless he's a boxing champ or similar is unlikely to know anything) so make sure you are speaking to someone with a little bit of actual experience and knowledge. If the person selling you the gloves is being somewhat "general" then he probably has less of a clue than you.

Ask the sales person a few questions and see if they know their stuff, it may be quite enlightening. Once you have established that your man is the man then here are a few things to consider and investigate:

  1. Doe the design of the gloves suit your hands?
  2. Wrist support.
  3. Amount of padding. (This varies quite a bit from brand to brand)
  4. Stiffness of padding. Thai brands tend to be soft; Boxing brands tend to be stiff. MMA brands can be either.
  5. Glove balance (Commonly very poor in many MMA fashion brands)

Next up think on a price range, If you want something cheap then tell your guy you need the best thing in that price range, if you want to spend £50 then ask the difference between say £40 and £80; If its the Rolls Royce you are after then say so and explore why they're a Rolls Royce! There is a lot of experience factors in getting the right thing for you so if you are new to the sports we cater for then it may well be you have to rely on the expertise of a salesman and their opinions but just cos a glove works for one person doesn't mean it will work for another just like in our shoes analogy so make sure you get a balanced point of view.

At Fightstore pro we sell most major brands and see the differences between them, most the guys in the office train regularly and most have fought in one of the sports we cater for so our staff have a pretty good idea of what we are looking for. We also hear a lot from customers experiences with poor quality boxing equipment so make sure you get the right thing for you! Check out a full range of Boxing Gloves at Fightstorepro Here

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