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Ever popular Fairtex equipment is always popular but whats the appeal? Well first of all they are so well made, whether its boxing gear or MMA the quality is there. The Fairtex BGV1 series of Boxing gloves is a compact glove and has a shorter wrist cuff than most; the padding is quite flexible and maybe not ideal for an out and out boxer but for MMA and Thai guys these have multiple benefits and are a good all rounder. IF you are a bigger guy maybe take a look at Rival or Revgear Sentinel Series as they suit the bigger hitters. In MMA Terms Fairtex make great 4 and 6oz gloves but they can be a little stiff for a while; IF you need something fight ready check out REVGEAR Deluxe pro for NSAC rules or Challengers due to their gel fit making them very soft and pliant; ideal for a few days off a fight. Fairtex make some really nice Thai pads too which are ever popular whether its for MMA or Muay Thai

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