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Fightstore Pro Dojo Elite: Rafael Cordeiro's Kings MMA

In a relatively short space of time, Kings MMA went from being a promising new gym to a world-leading fight team. However, anyone with prior knowledge of the fight game could have guessed the explosion would happen given the history behind the coaching staff. Here we take a look at who and what makes it such a hotspot for talent, with fighters competing at the highest levels of the UFC, Bellator and other top international promotions. Where is it? Huntington Beach, California Head coach: Rafael Cordeiro
Kings MMA head coach Rafael Cordeiro Kings MMA head coach Rafael Cordeiro
Cordeiro has been around mixed martial arts for longer than it has even been mixed martial arts. His first recorded 'vale tudo' bout preceded UFC 1 by three months, such is his longevity in the sport. Though he wasn't a prolific competitor in the record books, he had lots of Muay Thai bouts to his credit and many of the early vale tudo fights would have gone under the radar. The game was very much different back then and you didn't have the same routes to reputable promotions that we see today. He quit competition in 1999 to focus on coaching full-time. Cordeiro was head coach at arguably the most legendary fight team in MMA history, Brazil's Chute Boxe, coaching the like of Anderson Silva, Wanderlei Silva, Mauricio Rua and many more. He is a striker with 30 years in Muay Thai, but also a BJJ black belt and well versed in all aspects of unarmed combat. He has constantly evolved and is a cerebral, well-rounded coach. "You need to learn new things every day," he says of his constant evolution as a coach, though it will always come back to the aggression and firepower that he is renowned for. Ethos "When we fight, it's kill or die." That's not just words. When you look at some of the fighters Cordeiro has coached and their approach to the game, it speaks for itself. Wanderlei, Shogun, Pele, Cyborg and more. Fighters
Wanderlei Silva and Rafael Cordeiro Wanderlei Silva and Rafael Cordeiro
From first-timers to UFC champions, Kings MMA caters to all. Here are some of the notable names that have represented Cordeiro from his California gym: -Fabricio Werdum -Rafael dos Anjos -Lyoto Machida -Wanderlei Silva -Mauricio Rua -Jake Ellenberger -Beneil Dariush -Fightstore Pro and Revgear sponsored athlete Luis Tosta Not only has Cordeiro been a pivotal part in world champions of the past, but the present crop of top-level athletes at Kings is also outstanding, and the future no doubt looks bright too.

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