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Female Thai Boxer of the Month: Amy Pirnie

Each month Marianne Barrett of Team Phoenix martial arts lets Fightstorepro in on the up and coming female Muay Thai Boxer's of the world. Marianne is an excellent coach and has a wealth of knowledge in the Muay Thai world. This month, we find out about Amy Pirnie.

Amy Pirnie Muay Thai Its 2014 and we kick of the year featuring a Scottish fighter who has been slowly making waves in Thai Boxing since her early teens. Please meet Amy Pirnie. Amy began training in Thai boxing at the tender age of 12, under the tutelage of Rab Izat at Phoenix Thai boxing club in Cambuslang Now aged 20, Amy still trains with Rab at Inferno Gym in Glasgow. Her first taste of Muay Thai was as a spectator, watching while her younger cousin was training. Liking the look of the sessions, the following week Amy joined in and has never looked back. It only took six short months before Amy was ready for a taste of competition and her first junior fight took place at the Cleland club in Lanarkshire where Amy successfully stopped her opponent in round one. It was full steam ahead from that point on and under the guidance of Rab; Amy went on to have 18 junior fights, including 4 British open junior Championships and 3 IFMA world championship gold medals (the IFMA – International federation Muay Thai Amateurs is a very prestigious amateur event). Amy’s only loss as a junior was against Jade Nichols when they fought for the UKMF British title when Amy was 17 years old. Her first adult fight was against the experienced Lauren Humphreys. Amy states ‘My first adult fight against Lauren Humphreys was one of my favourites as this was my first time experiencing fighting without padding protection and it was a bit of a war. It was made even more special as it was on the Ladykillers show, promoted by Tricia McKeary which hosted an all Women card and was integral in promoting the sport for Women’ As an adult fighter Amy has been involved in some tough bouts, fighting against top class opposition such as Iman Barlow and Christi Brereton (formerly Campbell). Amy states ‘Some of my toughest opponents have been Lanchana Green, Christi Campbell and topping it off definitely Iman Barlow, with one of my best performances drawing with Iman the first time we fought’ Amy has a very clinical, technical fighting style, not unsimilar to her Scottish peer Jojo Calderwood and is deceivingly strong. She excels in the clinch and is very adept at all forms of catching and throws. Amy’s training has taken her to Thailand on three separate occasions, spending one month there each time at Fairtex Bangplee. Training in Thailand emphasised even more, the love Amy experienced for the sport of Thai Boxing. In particular Amy enjoyed learning about the Thai culture and their attitude towards their national sport and training and fighting in general, stating ‘Thailand was a turning point for me, showing me that I had to train even harder in order to improve my skills and achieve my goals. It increased my appetite to win’ Amy is part of a new era of Female Thai Boxing in the UK and alongside young trailblazers like Iman, is helping to push our huge roster of talent out into the world. Pirnie with her belt Discussing the fight scene as it stands, Amy states ‘Female Thai Boxing in the UK is on the up with more and more girls making a name for themselves. The top-level females are becoming more active, getting fights all over the world. Promoters and organisations are now signing female athletes and offering greater opportunities. This makes me very excited to be a part of the sport at this time and I look forward to even greater participation once my degree is complete. I am inspired daily by people like Iman Barlow, Ruth Ashdown and Joanne Calderwood as they have all climbed to the top of the ladder and shown the world how talented and exciting they are.’ It isn’t just other fighters who inspire Amy and push her forward, stating ‘my biggest inspiration is my coach. He seen something in me all those years ago and never once gave up on me. He provided me with opportunities and took me to places I would never have dreamed of going. Because of him, I have three gold medals and I am the current ISKA British Champion. He taught me that nothing will be handed to me on a plate and I must work hard to achieve. This is why I have such hunger and passion for the sport. He taught me to never, ever give up. Another person who inspired me is Tricia McKeary, a great fighter herself in her day, she has been constantly pushing and promoting female Thai boxing for such a long period of time and she provided me with the opportunity to fight on her all-girls show’ Outside of Thai Boxing, Amy is also a full time student, currently studying for a BSc Honours Degree in Sports Therapy. Prior to studying at degree level Amy completed a HND (Higher national Diploma) in the same subject while also working part time at a community organisation as a youth worker. Amy hopes to become a Sports Therapist, helping to rehabilitate injured athletes, with plans for the future including running her own rehab clinic alongside her own Muay Thai club. Big, bright dreams which Amy will undoubtedly achieve. A young gun that has emerged from a new generation of teenagers who are beginning to reverse the stereotype of ‘lazy children’ that has been clinging to the young for the last decade. Look out for this smart, talented young lady. Amy Pirnie Fight Stats: (Junior fights – 18 fights, 17 wins, 1 loss, 3 x gold medallist IFMA) Adult record: Weight: Has fought in weight classes between 50-54kg. Current fight weight 50-52kg Total fights: 9 Win: 5 Loss: 3 Draw: 1 Titles held: ISKA British title -53kg Written by Marianne Barrett (Image used from

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