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Buying boxing gloves for combat sports; how to make the right choice

It's a question we get asked a lot here at, and we've had various experts give their take on buying boxing gloves, what to look for, and what money to spend. Check out Boxing Gloves Buyer’s Guide: Spending Your Money Wisely for some information from our resident pro fighter, Jay Furness. Next up, we thought we'd throw the question to Fightstore CEO Alex Wright who has thirty years in martial arts as a student, competitor and coach. He also has a decade in the business of martial arts equipment, helping brands and running a retail store, as well as online shop. Alex knows quality when he sees it and has had to dispense advice on buying boxing gloves daily for many years. Instead of trying to flog a certain product, he's keen to stress that each individual has different needs when it comes to their own anatomy. As well as suggestions on picking the right size, padding and support for you needs, Alex suggests some options for your sport and budget. Featured in the video are the: Fairtex BGV-9 RRP £94.99
  • Great wrist support
  • Smaller hand compartment
  • Good for boxing and kickboxing
BGV-1 RRP £79.99
  • Short cuff for good clinching
  • Great for punching through a guard
  • Smaller hand compartment
Carbon Claw Aero Sparring Gloves RRP £34.99
  • You won't find a better glove for the price, suits a smaller budget
  • Good protection and hand mould
  • Vented palm
  • Long, elasticated wrist strap
Cleto Reyes Reyes Official Boxing Gloves RRP £178.99
  • The best build of any glove
  • Great quality leather
  • Long wrist and great quality padding
  • Light glove, great for fighting
Revgear Revgear Sentinel RRP £64.99
  • Injection moulded padding with gel layer
  • Great hand compartment with nice lining
  • Sinches up well on the wrist with wrist bar
  • Excellent hand and knuckle protection at every angle
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