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What are the best boxing gloves?

Boxing gloves come in a variety of shapes and sizes and differ in a number of factors. Quality, hand compartment, wrist support, materials and manufacture all come into play when you want to buy a new boxing glove. The key difference between most commonly worn gloves is the Muay Thai or western glove design. A Muay Thai glove generally has a thicker 'oval' wrist support that is secured in place by Velcro whereas the boxing glove is a slightly slimmer and tighter fitting support but with less thickness. The reason for this is that the wrist section on a Thai glove helps guard against kicks which a boxer doesn't have to deal with. As well as that, there are Lace-up and Velcro enclosure style gloves. Lace-ups are not as useful for sparring as they are tricky to get on in a hurry. Velcro enclosure gloves see far more use in the gym than in competition as they can be secured alone whereas you may need help with laces. Whichever 'Style' of glove you choose, the majority of decisions comes down to brands. From Twins to Fairtex, Boon to Sandee, Rival to Reyes and more, fighters and trainers build loyalty to their favourite pieces of gear. Because of that, I decided to consult the North East fight scene and ask fighters from all over the North East and country to see what they thought was the best glove.


Jamie Taylor (BJJ purple belt and instructor Middlesborough Fight Academy) - "From my memory I have always loved twins and Sandee. Mainly due to comfort and durability. I once wore a pair of posh lace up cleto reyes though and they felt awesome." Dave from Eliteboxercise Redcar - "Winnings, grant, cleto's.... All pricey though, I've got about 12 pairs and the best fit yet (I've got kids hands) for price are the adidas 16oz..." Raf Voza (Amateur MMA fighter) - "For me it's blitz the main reason is it's cheap and it's a nice glove I have used other gloves like sandee and they kill my thumb but blitz is a nice glove and plenty of padding for sparring." Nathan Court (MMA journalist and professional fighter) - "The best ones i've had are my 16oz twins specials. Really well made, comfortable and very durable. Had mine almost 5 years nearly and still in decent condition" Chris Spence (Amateur MMA fighter and kids MMA coach at Spartan Gym) - "I prefer lonsdale boxing gloves, they are such a good fit!! I know a few people who will recommend them." Callum Cook (Pro MMA fighter) - "I use fighters only gloves mate which were giving to me from fisher. Very nice gloves well padded and fit very comfortably." Colin 'Freakshow' Fletcher (Pro MMA fighter, BAMMA and ex-UFC star) - "Lonsdale Mexican 10oz lace ups." John Beadnall (Ex-army, student at Middlesbrough fight academy) - "Reyes. They were the ones we used in the Army, plus the pros use them so they must be a decent glove." Andy Green (Pro MMA fighter) - "My favourite boxing glove would have to be my 16oz Sandees because they are old faithfuls for me, I have had them for 6 years and I still use them now. I've used them for interclubs, pad work, sparring.... They are a tough time holding glove." Ian Malone (Pro MMA fighter, BJJ black belt) - "stop messing about and just buy Thai brands, Twins, Sandee etc. are all good."


Sandee Gloves prove popular Sandee win with the most mentions from any fighter: Buy here
A strong showing here for the Muay Thai brands Twins and Sandee. Twins had 3 mentions and Sandee 4. This comes as no surprise, both brands offer excellent quality gloves with great padding and lasting durability. Twins can last year after year and Sandee make the best value Thai glove around.

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Realistically, the 'Best boxing glove' comes down to budget. A mention for Blitz by a fighter was great, as their value range have great cheap boxing gloves. From that price, you can only head upwards to the Muay Thai gloves. Above that, the best of the best stands as Cleto Reyes. Reyes may be the best boxing gloves in the world. Mentioned a few times above, Reyes are more expensive than most boxing gloves but are absolutely worth it. Made in Mexico and worn by greats such as Juan Manuel Marquez and Manny Pacquiao. Whilst not priced for everyone, Cleto Reyes are invariably the best boxing glove in the world at the moment. Worn by professionals, made from the best materials and known as 'The punchers glove.' We're one of the only UK stockists of Cleto Reyes and we are proud of our affiliation to the awesome brand.


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Written by Craig Thomas Boyle Thanks to all contributors to this article.

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