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WOD - Work out of the Day

The Workout of the day or WOD as they have become known is a small group of exercises done with the aim of pushing the athlete on a daily basis and giving members of a "Cross Fit" Style gym (I use the brand name loosely to describe the training style) So I've been pushing myself harder recently with the help of Strength and Conditioning expert James Murray at Urban Fit Gym in Throckley near Newcastle. This one was a bit of a killer and was deceptively difficult but I though worth a mention on Fightstorepro's blog as its very relevant to combat athletes. So....
  • 1000m Row at Level 6 on Rowing maching aiming to power it out fast
  • GMD sit ups x 30
  • 20 Deadlifts (I started on 70 kg but dropped to 40 by the end)
  • 100 two foot jumps (James describes as skips)/30 knees to chest
The GMD sit up is off a piece of kit you may see in your gym but quite often badly used; One of the things I've found by training with a real Strength and Conditioning expert is the gains you make are so much quicker and time you spend achieving them less (As in hours in the gym) Workouts at Urbanfit are focused in a way that develops a key area and I can say after 25 years + training in various combat sports that I wished I'd found a coach for this area sooner. I enjoyed books such as Training for Warriors by Martin Rooney but its no substitute for a decent coach! Check them out

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