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Twins Muay Thai Boxing Gloves Review

Having read many positive reviews and selling these gloves to clients on a daily basis, I decided to test them myself. I bought these in the 16oz variant to really "battle test" them during sparring. You don't need to have a vast history in this industry to know that Thailand produce some of the world's best brands of boxing gloves; if you read my review of the Boon Boxing Gloves then you'll already know what I mean. This is the country where the deadly martial art of Muay Thai is lived and breathed on a daily basis, after all. Top quality gloves make for top quality fighters, and Thailand is in no shortage for both. One of the most prominent glove brands in the country is Twins. If you have trained in Muay Thai, then it's extremely likely that you have either used or encountered Twins gloves. The company is considered to be one of the best manufacturers of Thai-style boxing gloves and its products are known for their longevity and comfort. Protection and Padding While Thai-style gloves usually look very similar to Western-style gloves, there are a few well manufactured differences between the two. Twins gloves in particular are renowned for the very generous protection to the fists and are well-padded throughout the entire glove, especially along the knuckles and extending down the back of the hand for parrying kicks. The gloves aren't just made from a single material alone. It has a triple-layered foam, with a soft outer layer, firm middle layer and a pillowy inner layer for the knuckles. This makes the gloves feel solid on the inside yet the softer outer layer helps absorb strikes and blows and soften the impact on your hands. Design Since this is a glove designed with Muay Thai fighters in mind, as mentioned earlier the overall design of the gloves have a few minor variations compared to Western-style boxing gloves. The back of the gloves have wider cuffs and extra padding for parrying punches and kicks. The thumbs are straight and there are less material on the palms so that people can easily practice their clinches when they need to. Despite being predominantly designed for Muay Thai, these gloves can still be used comfortably by those that practice boxing, MMA, and other martial arts. Quality and Durability Unlike most boxing gloves at the same price range, the Twins BGVL 3 Thai gloves are handmade and uses genuine leather (instead of the PVC and plastic commonly used in lesser gloves). The front area of the gloves won’t crack with regular use, and the stitches are tight enough to ensure that the padding is secured inside the glove no matter how hard you punch. These are gloves that will last you for years, no matter what skill level you are in.

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