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Tenacity Convertible Equipment Bag Review

The Tenacity Convertible Equipment bag essentially offers all the benefits of a travel backpack and all the benefits of an oversize equipment bag perfect for the MMA training lifestyle. The bag is constructed of 840 denier ballistic polyester, which means it is very durable but also lightweight and easy to carry either over both shoulders as a backpack or with a single strap like a duffle bag. This bag is built to last. It has all the pockets and features for anything that you might want to carry into the gym or anywhere else. It features a hard shell zipped pocket at the top which is ideal for storing your phone, keys, mouthguard and other small valuables. Both side pockets are long enough to fit a sports bottle or shaker and are lined with an insulated foil-type material designed to keep drinks cool. An expandable mesh compartment at the bottom of the bag folds out to provide extra storage and allows wet post-training apparel to be stored separately and dry fast. The oversized main compartment is vented and ideal for storing training equipment such as gloves, handwraps and other apparel. The bag is available in two sizes. The newer COMPACT bag is advertised as 20% smaller than the original. I've personally used the compact bag myself, storing my protein shaker, MMA gloves, phone, wallet, keys and more and there was ample space to store everything. If you carry bigger gloves such as boxing or muay thai gloves, towels or anything else that takes up more space, the larger 2.0 Equipment Bag is best for this purpose. Overall though, the Tenacity Convertible Equipment Bag is just about everything you need in a bag of any kind. The attention to detail in the Tenacity branding is what makes this bag something proud to carry.

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