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Shaj “Superman” Haque

Shaj “Superman” Haque, is one of the rising stars in the UK’s 125lb division having recently signed a 5 fight deal with Cage Warriors Fighting Championship, he has his eyes set on quickly moving up the UK rankings and on to the biggest stage of them all, the UFC. His recent fight on Cagewarriors 62 saw him get the decision after a boxing clinic in the cage over Mark ‘Thee’ Connor. Born in Bangladesh Shaj has lived in the UK since he was 3 years old. He began training at the age of 14 under South Shields Fighting Fit head coach Feruz Hussain. Starting off training solely in Thai Boxing, Shaj had his first Thai bout at the tender age 15 years old. At 15 Shaj decided to begin training MMA and after only a year of training he fought as an amateur for the first time, and would go 3-0-1 in a years competition before taking the step up to fight at Semi Pro. At Semi Pro Shaj would suffer defeat for the first and only time, in a big setback he had his arm broken in the fight, at 1-1 as a Semi Pro he was forced to take a year out of competition and allow his arm to fully heal. When he returned Haque would go on an 8 fight win streak, winning 3 featherweight titles and a Bantamweight 4 man tournament. Leaving his Semi Pro record at 9-1 Still just 22 Shaj would then go on to make his Pro MMA debut, after a victorious debut, Cage Warriors came calling, taking 2 short notice fights, one at 145lbs and one at 125lbs, in both instances “Superman” came in as a big underdog, and both times he would leave the cage victorious. His displays earned him a five fight deal with the top UK promotion. As well as competing as a pro fighter Shaj is currently Coach at South Shields Fighting Fit and leads the amateur and semi-professional teams. Shaj currently stands as: Blue Belt in BJJ under Ian Malone Black and Red Sash in Muay Thai under Feruz Hussain Currently ranked as UK number 10 Flyweight Fight record Pro MMA: 3-0 Semi-Pro MMA: 9-1 AMA MMA: 3-0-1 Muay Thai/K1: 3-0 Boxing: 3-0 Check out Shaj here: Twitter: @SupermanShaj Facebook: South Shields Fighting Fit: Buy the rashguard Shaj is wearing HERE

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