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Sandee Limited Edition Classic Range

Sandee Limited Edition RangeLong-standing traditional Muay Thai brand Sandee is expanding its already sizeable range of products this year, starting with the release of their limited edition line complete with 'unbreakable' quality gloves. This new range of shinguards and boxing gloves looks excellent and for Sandee to combine such attractive visual design with premium quality at a great price, is very excited to see where the brand will grow to in 2014.

"Sandee have always been known for their extremely robust construction and no nonsense design which has not changed that much over the years.

One of the least flashiest brands coming out of Thailand it is however one of the oldest and has always stuck to its core strengths of extreme durability and comfort of fit meaning that they are often the first choice amongst professional thai boxers and MMA fighters. You will always see someone in a Muay Thai Gym or an MMA Gym in a pair of Sandee's. Usually in one of the basic solid colours of Black, Red or Blue and more often than not with a pair of matching and equally robust Muay Thai Shin Guards as well.

This month Sandee brings out a new design which is a limited edition range of its “Classic” Glove. In keeping with the Sandee tradition of functionality and premium quality over fancy design, the new Ltd Classic Range sports a new ‘Laurel” leaf variation of the familiar Sandee logo and represents a change to the basic look of the gloves (and matching shin guards) for the first time in 10 years.

Joanne Calderwood Sandee Sponsored Athlete

Together with the new look logo which is rather nice looking, the Limited Edition Classic range introduces new colour-ways of White, Blue and Red (in reference to the Thai Flag?) and the rather striking Black, Green and White, and highlights the word “Unbreakable” along the thumb. A reference to the fact that Sandee premium boxing gloves will be unlikely to break, split or wear down and the the four layers of foam core construction won't warp or go soft no matter what you throw at them.

Daitan Jackson the ISKA European Muay Thai Champion (pictured wearing the new white, blue and red version) recently commented on the durability of his Sandee training gloves “My last Sandee gloves were the same 2 years after training in them 5 times a week, and after using them constantly for two and half years I had to change them not because they needed replacing but only because they were starting to stink a bit!.”

The new Limited Edition Classic range provides a welcome design change to the classic look of Sandee equipment but looses none of the durability, comfort and protection that comes with equipment that is has been handmade in Bangkok, Thailand for over 35 years." Sandee are one of our best Thai brands and is priced at an excellent value that belies the great quality of the gear. We stock a full range of Sandee and are confident that their new limited edition range will be a hit with trainees and practitioners of Muay Thai and fans of well designed, well made equipment with a focus on professionals. Written by Craig Thomas Boyle (With collaboration from Adam Crowther at Sandee)

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