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REVGEAR's Corner Team

One of the most popular MMA equipment brands in the USA is undoubtedly Revgear Sports founded in 1996 by Paul Reavlin in Los Angeles, California. Being from a martial arts background Paul since the inception of the company sought out the best minds in the sport to test, evaluate and improve his products to truly help make their gear some of the best in the world. In the last few years we have seen Revgear Corner team gain some of the best coaches in the world helping Steer the development of future product lines and give their expert opinion and weight of an endorsement from guys who truly know. In an industry full of 3 five minute sponsorship deals and UFC tax this brings a long standing relationship and development opportunity that few other brands truly can boast. On the current corner team we have Erik Paulson, Rafael Cordiero, Mark Dellagrotte and Cesar Gracie' a practical who's who of superstar coaches. This is the integrity with which Revgear make their equipment.

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