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Revgear University returns with 2015's 'Revolution'

As a leading innovator in the martial arts equipment market, Revgear have always looked to expand, push boundaries, and help others on their own journey. With the formulation of the Revgear University in 2014, they opened up other avenues, including coaching and business development for those involved in combat sports. After the success of the inaugural event, Revgear University will return in May for its next outing, 'Revolution'. Pre-con workshops will take place on May 14th and 15th, and the University Classes are on May 16th and 17th. It's a unique resource in the combat sports world, where leading coaches from a variety of different disciplines come together to share their knowledge in one space, covering live arts such as MMA, catch wrestling, Muay Thai and Krav Maga, as well as the other side of the spectrum including social media and getting ahead in business.

What You'll Learn

More than just a martial arts convention Revgear University is the place where the martial arts community goes to be educated, inspired and recharged! Each University is a 2-day martial arts education conference, running up to 18 sessions each day, featuring world renowned martial arts educators and business people.

Who's Teaching

You will learn drills, skills, techniques from the best martial arts instructors in the world. All of our instructors currently run schools of their own, or are coaches to some of the best athletes currently competing.

Get Certified

Revgear University provides hands on certifications and instructor training.You will be able to implement new programs at your school and train your staff to ensure success.
Notable experts include: Mark DellaGrotte - coach to UFC stars such as Rich Franklin, Frank Mir, Kenny Florian and many more. Erik Paulson - submissions expert known for his catch wrestling, coach to fighters such as Josh Barnett, Brock Lesnar and Cub Swanson. Kenny Johnson - A wrestler under the tutelage of the great Dan Gable, who is now coach for the Black House team including Anderson Silva, Jose Aldo, BJ Penn and Lyoto Machida. That is only scratching the surface of the high-level tuition on offer. These coaches and more will be teaching classes on: - Krav Maga home and workplace intruder -Wrestling for martial arts -The combative science of Muay Thai -Submission grappling -Strength training for martial arts -Mobility and training safety -Social media and marketing -Member retention and referrals There are still two more Revgear University locations to be announced for 2015 in October and November. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter accounts for more updates. Visit for all the information. You can shop for Revgear with Fightstore Pro.

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