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MMA Strength and Conditioning - Urbanfit

MMA Strength and Conditioning is a subject with many myths; outdated practices and often an unscientific approach. Meet Mickey Tirrell, Paul Gregson and Andrew Buchanan, each one professional fighters from Kickboxing, MMA and Boxing respectively on a quest to gain the type of fitness training which will give them an edge in their chosen sport. James Murray at Urban Fit Gyms UK is an expert in Athlete Conditioning having worked with many top professionals from the world of Football, Rugby and Motocross he's now turned his elite eye to the world of Pro Fighters. Fightstorepro and Urbanfit have teamed up to bring you our readers a series of incredible videos showing you the routines and techniques that have given top athletes an edge in competition for the last ten years.

This video introduces the series and tests the lads fitness; in coming months we will dig deeper and explore how these techniques can help you too.

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