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Hi Tech MMA Shorts?

Of the many brands of MMA shorts on the market there seems to be a growing trend of making “technical” innovations in what is essentially a pair of surfing shorts with some minor tweaks. How technologically advanced can a pair of shorts be? They are not a space shuttle after all. There are a few slightly differing materials however I would guess at the decision making process being generally a compromise between comfort and durability. Jaco fightwears’ resurgence range introduced a lycra into the fabric for what were I think one of the more innovative designs of MMA shorts of recent years. Hayabusa make quite a lot of noise on the whole technology front but essentially they stick to what is a variation on the classic Sprawl theme their main selling point as far as I can see is the design and the well marketed branding along with some high profile sponsored fighters. Speaking of Sprawl whom have been making good quality MMA shorts for as long as I can remember they did bring in what was essentially a couple of strips of rubbery material to help grip for armbars and triangle chokes. Now that was an innovation for sure and in my mind a little like adding a bit of an iron bar into a boxing glove but technologically advanced I’m not so sure. I quite admire venum fightwear for being unashamedly fashion conscious and to my knowledge so far making no claims of scientific breakthroughs in the MMA fight shorts field. Tapout also stick with the notion that a pair of shorts are primarily a vehicle to avoid you looking less than cool in the all important walk out phase of a fight although Tapout are in danger of becoming the least cool fightwear brand on earth due to simple over exposure and being worn by the same people you see everywhere in well known fast food chains getting extra fries and spilling their milkshake down their slightly faded Everlast hoody, evidently having never set foot in a boxing gym. Badboy used to stick with just being a super cool fight brand with manga cartoons proporting the virtues of being basically a “bad” boy however they have been sanitised since moving to north America and although the makers of fine MMA apparel are not looking ready for that Nobel science award just yet. There are three things your shorts should do: 1 Look cool 2 avoid you looking silly (like not wearing any) 3 Be durable They won’t make you fight better, faster, wash themselves or smell sweeter!!!

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