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FUJI All Around BJJ Gi Review

Before all the bling and trends in the BJJ gi industry, one brand proved for so long how it is possible to stay simple and survive through the years. Whether you are just starting out in BJJ or a seasoned pro and you are after function over aesthetics, then FUJI is the right brand for you. Considered a mid weight gi, the FUJI All Around is made of single weave material for the kimono and cotton drill fabric for the trousers. Unlike the common practice of using pearl weave top and rip stop pants, Fuji opted for single weave for the top to keep the price valuable. Jacket Unlike other single weaves I have used in the past, I was surprised at the minimal amount of shrinkage after washing. The first noticeable aspect when wearing this gi is that it feels very soft and comfortable to wear - a good start. The All Around gi carries minimal decoration; a simple logo embroidered on the left sleeve and one at the top of the back, just under the neckline. FUJI supplies extra gi patches.
Reinforcement on this gi is outstanding. The cuffs for example are taped with a strip of twill cotton and triple stitched into position. The softness of the material avoids the scratchy effect that some woven cuff tape can produce.
Rolling performance, fit and comfort I've rolled in this gi for six weeks now. The single weave fabric is very soft and comfortable so it felt great the moment I put it on. This contrasts with many pearlweave fabric gis, that start off pretty stiff and only soften over time. I love the way this gi hangs off my body, it just feels right when I wear and, added to the confidence that it is amply reinforced, I'm pretty sure it will last a long time. Conclusion I'm seriously impressed with the FUJI All Around gi. At this price range I would expect cost-cutting and inferior materials. The opposite appears to be true. Coming in White, Blue, Black and Navy, it is made to very high standards, fits great, feels comfortable to roll in and the great price makes this an absolute bargain in my opinion.

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