FightstorePRO announces restock of Boon Muay Thai

Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK (February 24th 2014) – The UK's biggest Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) retailer today announced that it will be restocking popular brand Boon Muay Thai in big numbers later this month. The Muay Thai brand that sells out on shelves across the UK will be shipped to their Newcastle based warehouse at the end of the month. FSPRO’s Managing Director Alex Wright is excited about the restock: “It's great to be able to get Boon back over to UK shores. We're happy we have the distribution deal with Boon as people literally can't get enough of their gloves and apparel ranges.” The brand will be available to Trade and Wholesale as well as retail customers. Enquiries about setting up wholesale accounts are to be directed to Boon Muay Thai boxing gloves and training vests as well as customisable Muay Thai shorts and T-shirts will be available UK wide when the shipment lands. About Boon: Boon sports are a Thailand based manufacturer of Muay Thai equipment and apparel. Primarily renowned for their pads and gloves, which famously come in a brown leather hue, the Boon brand is synonymous with high quality equipment. Everything is handmade in Thailand and produced to exacting standards. Equipment is tested in traditional Muay Thai training camps and used by coaches across the homeland of the sport. The physical store in Bangkok, Thailand, attracts customers across the world to grab authentic gear and now UK customers have a chance to get their hands on Boon gear without flying directly to Thailand. About FightstorePRO: A company originally set up as FightstoreMMA, evolved in February 2014 to become the UK's biggest retailer of combat sports equipment. From MMA, Muay Thai, Boxing and BJJ to traditional martial arts, Fightstorepro aims to supply the best brands in the world to UK customers. With a commitment to professional standards, sells the brands that are recognisable the world over. For MMA they sell Torque, Revgear, Hayabusa, Venum, Gameness and Koral. For Muay Thai they sell Boon, Sandee, Twins and Fairtex as well as discount brands such as Blitz. Sponsoring top level UFC athletes and operating a successful blog website at FSPRO is a one-stop shop for all your combat sports retail needs. Available to trade and wholesale customers via contact with For more information see Written by Craig Thomas Boyle With thanks to

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