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Expert advice on buying shinguards for Muay Thai, MMA and Kickboxing

Just like advice on buying boxing gloves, we're inundated with questions about buying shinguards for Muay Thai, MMA and kickboxing sparring. Have you got the right amount of movement? What about protection? Are they comfortable? There's all this and more to contend with when purchasing shinpads to keep the training environment safe for you and your training partners. And then there's the other big question - how much?! Luckily, Fightstore Pro CEO Alex Wright has plenty of experience to be able to dispense advice. Not only has he been working with the products for many years, but he's been using them for decades. (He's not still in his twenties, no matter how many people he tells he is!) Check out the video above for Alex's (always brutally honest) advice on buying shinguards for your combat sport of choice. Featured in this video are: Fairtex Double Padded Muay Thai Shin Pads (RRP £59.99)
  • Good quality synthetic material
  • Well moulded with raised extra padding for the shin
  • Lightweight
Twins Thai Shinguards - White/Silver Dragon (RRP £84.99)
  • Top quality real leather
  • "Sherman tank" of Thai shinguards
  • Not best for manoeuvrability but unrivalled protection
  • They will last for years and years
Revgear Defender Gel Shinguards (RRP £59.99)
  • Great shinguards with extra gel shin protector
  • Move really well with excellent foot padding
  • Opposite straps so they don't spin, with added foam pad for comfort
  • Great value for money
Boon Thai leather Shinguards (RRP £79.99)
  • Full leather and very high quality
  • Excellent shin protection with added knee protector
  • Good quality lining to absorb sweat and stop slipping
  • Big, robust straps with lasting velcro
You can find all of our shinguards in the store by clicking HERE. If you need any advice, feel free to contact us!

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