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The Truth Hurts...Getting to the UFC

"The Truth Hurts" is the first of a new series of articles from UK Cagewarriors star Alex Enlund whose journey to the top of the UK scene hasn't been short of the odd contentious opinion but agree or disagree Alex always offers a great perspective on what it is to be a professional fighter on his journey through the MMA world; passionate, intelligent and down to earth we hope you enjoy the series... The Fightstorepro Team "Getting to the UFC" It's came to my attention more and more of late that a lot of people want to "Get into the UFC" I too was guilty of this over the last few years even trying out for TUF with very little experience and a record of 5-0. In truth I had no plan or idea of what I really wanted, just a dream I shared with most the competitive Pro MMA fighters around the world of fighting in the UFC octagon. Too many fighters today set a target of getting into the UFC but once they arrive it's difficult to survive. Having crushed cans your whole career a step up to the UFC could be disastrous. Jimi Manuwa was noted to have turned down the UFC several times while he built up experience, recently my friend and ONE FC lightweight Eddie NG turned down a UFC contract as he looks to increase his experience so when he does sign, he will be more than ready for a run at the Gold.

Recently I signed a new contract with top European MMA promotion Cage Warriors. My newest contract has no ZUFFA release unlike my last, if the UFC come in for me they will have to wait. When I talked about this I received a mixed response "do you not think you will get in the UFC, you should believe in yourself more", "why would you do that" etc

When I looked at the records of those fighting in the UFC I looked at the top 10 guys at my weight and notice a pattern, they all have 15+ wins and an average of 20 fights. The essential experience to be a challenger not just a also ran. This is where I want to be and to get there winning fights on Cage Warriors is going to be an important part of my journey, it's not a race. A method tried and tested by Dan Hardy, Ross Pearson and Michael Bisping all who plied their trade on Cage Warriors. Alex Enlund.

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