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T.J. Dillashaw: The Power Of Belief


This video came to my attention through listening to the Joe Rogan Experience and I had to share it with someone. Before I go any further if you haven’t watched the Barao VS Dillashaw fight I highly recommend you go and watch it although the highlights in this video sum up the fight pretty well. Your choice. On May 24th we saw what many people thought to be impossible. The great Renan Barao boasting a 30 Fight winning streak was dethroned by 8-1 underdog TJ Dillashaw. A short 3 word review of this fight would be; Completely. Picked. Apart. It’s often said to beat the champ you have to finish the champ. TJ not only finished Barao but completely dominated him for 5 rounds showing one of the most amazing, intelligent and overall professional displays of true mixed martial arts that the world has ever seen. I would also like to state I take nothing away from Renan Barao. He is a champion through and through and is forever immortalised for his performances in the octagon. This video captures TJ Dillashaw’s journey to the belt with spectacularly appropriate music and a brilliant highlight reel to go with it showing brilliantly the progression in TJ’s career. I know I’m not the only one who can’t wait to see TJ defend his belt in what hopefully will be another display of what I feel captures the true essence of MMA. Dillashaw has often come across as a very spiritual guy. Being quoted saying that to be great, all you have to do is believe it’s your destiny to be great. On that note I give you; T.J Dillashaw The Power Of Belief (Better in full screen) Author: Jacob Flockhart

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