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Sandee Kids Muay Thai Range

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Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand and has long been associated with full-contact competition. The elbows, knees, kicks and punches of the 'Art of eight limbs' have given the sport a somewhat visceral but undeserved image. Muay Thai is an effective way to instil both passion and discipline children. It's also a great sport for fitness, boxing skills, health and flexibility. Sandee is a brand that hails from Thailand and has come to the forefront of the Muay Thai scene. They have sponsored both Thai boxers in their home country and also fighters as far afield as female Invicta FC MMA fighter, Jo Jo Calderwood. Through their commitment to quality goods and their dedication to the brand, Sandee is now one of Fightstorepro's leading sellers in the Muay Thai equipment area. Their most attractive commitment has to be their kids Muay Thai range. Almost all leading Thai gyms have children training in them and in Thailand youngsters start from as low as four or five. Many times, they train in oversized gear made to fit small adults. Sandee have the answer in their range of kids gear, which is tailor made for little Nak Muays.
SandeeKidsRedWhiteGloves1 Sandee kids boxing gloves in Red. From 4oz to 8.
Sandee kids boxing gloves: With an excellent low price of £29.99 these gloves are top notch. They are specifically designed to fit a child's hands and are made in Thailand with heaps of care. The range is made from durable synthetic leather and come in a selection of colors: Blue, Black and red and have a nice two-tone aesthetic. More importantly, they are fabulous for safety as they provide quite a bit of padding but also good wrist support for your child's developing bones. While it is acceptable to buy an adult pair of 8oz gloves and they will generally fit an older child, these 4, 6 and 8oz choices by Sandee are specifically designed for the child's safety and effective use. Grab a pair from our store.
SandeeRedWhiteFoot(Kids) Sandee kids Shin Guards are superb!

Sandee Kids Shin Guards: Much like the gloves, Sandee Shin-guards are designed just for kids. Instead of just shortening standard size shin guards, Sandee have redesigned their shin-guards to be perfect for kids. Not only are they sturdy, durable and excellent value for money, they are also sized just for kids. Matching the two-tone colours of the gloves, these shin-guards are spectacular, with a thick insert of extra padding down the shin that will protect developing bones. The footpad is also a good thickness that protects the brittle bones in your child's foot. At £34.99 these are fantastic value and the best choice for your child's Thai boxing safety.

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