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Retro Cool Kit!

High-tech fabrics, bomb-proof construction and vibrant colour schemes! Fight sport enthusiasts are spoilt for choice when it comes to their kit these days. But combine the best of the new with the authenticity and style of old-school design and you get something truly special! Here's our pick of the best retro-style kit available on the Fightstore shelves: Pro Box Sparring Glove - around £75 Pro Box Original Sparring Glove

We should let the picture tell the story, but let's add a little gloss for good measure. Hand stitched. Constructed from beautiful soft, premium full grain leather hide with a split-colour thumb and - should your require more splitting - a split-colour palm with contrast stitching.

So it looks damn fine, but the build is pretty cool too:
  • Extra wide hook and loop wrist closure system drops neatly between a pair of raised and padded safety bars, making the glove super-easy to pull on and off, whilst still providing excellent levels of wrist support.
  • Lining made from a durable super soft moisture wicking material, helping the gloves to dry quickly between sessions.
Oh, and they come supplied in a handy draw string bag. Nice!
Ringside Weighted Handle Leather Skipping Rope - £19.99 rs-rope-2015-wood-handlesI hate skipping with a passion but it's an integral part of my workout regime. Hate because it's painful cardio but integral because the results are clear. Enough of my workout whinging! If you do it, then do it in style and few ropes are more stylish than this Ringside offering. Aesthetically and practically, this is my favourite product across the entire Fightstore shop! And the spec? High-quality weighted wooden handles with lovely laser brand engraving and a thick leather rope! Sounds simple but the resulting product is first-class!
Fairtex SP8 Shin Guard - £71.99 fairtex_s8-w_1 (1)With its unconvential look, this is a bit of a Marmite product. The raised side guard does give it a bit of a medieval armour appearance, but boy does it deliver on the performance front. The expanded side padding provides more protection for the knee joint but doesn't restrict movement. It also benefits from double-padded shin protection for the ultimate shock dispersion. Combining the best of the much-heralded SP5 and SP7, the SP8 also features Fairtex patented twister bridge system between the shin protector and foot protector for unrestricted movement and maximum comfort. Oh yeah, and there's no metal loop fixture and can therefore be used in amateur competition. NB: a fight is brewing in the warehouse over whether this product could be considered retro. Your thoughts please.
Revgear Original Boxing Glove - £69.99 rev.original.gloves.With design roots going back 20 years, the Revgear Original has a genuine authentic look and feel. Whilst the glove has been modified and improved throughout its life, the foundation design is still very much classic-first! The fact that the glove is still being produced is testament to its enduring popularity...and performance credentials. It looks fantastic but feels even better, with a 100% cowhide leather exterior and a great hand compartment. At £69.99, it's an awful lot of glove for your money! (also available in black and red).
Fairtex BGV11 F-Day - £89.98 Fairtex - bgv11a OK, so the overall packaging of this glove goes a little OTT, but if you're like me and like that sort of thing, the F-Day is a joy to receive. Held in a lovely bespoke shoe box, the gloves also come with dog tags and a branded letter explaining the F-Day's heritage. It's popcorn packaging, but I love it. The dressing aside, this is a great looking glove that's stuffed full of tech.... Think micro-fibre construction and a high-impact core!
Pro Box Original Super Heavy Leather Bag (40kg) - £290 ProAnd finally - to compliment the lovely vintage Pro Box gloves above - the Original Pro Box punch bag to match! It's a lovely bit of kit that harks back to a boxing environment of yesteryear: noisy club gyms with creaky wooden slat floors, dog-eared fight posters adorning sweat-soaked walls...and beaten-up brown leather punch bags. Or perhaps I've just watched too many Hollywood boxing flicks. Either way, at 40kg it's ideal for heavy hitters and constructed from high-quality cow-hide leather, wrapped around a 2" foam jacket to max out your hand protection.
And so there we have it: our retro round-up. Go old school!

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