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Fight Gear Reviews - You Got it!

Fight Gear Reviews

Since September we've been beavering away in the background and the popularity of our fight gear review series on YouTube has not gone unnoticed. Infact one of our plans to take FSPRO (as we call it internally) to the next stage of development has been to vastly expand this area and really give our customers and fans across the world what they want. As we embark on the next series after listening to a lot of the comments from our followers on YouTube and via the many comments on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram I thought it would be good to maybe address some of the reasons we believe Fightstorepro is unique amongst the many stores selling this type of gear, why we do the reviews and are we in any way biased towards certain products or brands?

Why We Started the Fight Gear Review Series.

We started the series because we had a store in the Centre of Newcastle Upon Tyne and the questions we got day in and day out tended to be the same so what we wished to create for our customers was a way of giving our online customers the same kind of quaity advice they would get face to face in the city store. We saw patterns of equipment sales were very different online as to what they were online and we concluded the obvious reason was people ha never actually seen the equipment they were purchasing and making many decisions based on marketing information from brands and the photographs of the product as opposed to actually any really informed reason. This was especially bad with people having trained under 3 -4 years. We heard people actually reciting marketing blurb back to us over the phone often inquiring about equipment that was so wrong for them it was untrue. One other alarming but regular occurance was that of customers quoting onine reviews from people who when we checked out the review evidently knew absolutely nothing about the equipment they were casting opinion on. We almost considered it our duty as a truly informed Fighters Store to do something positive about this.

How We Picked the Products to Review (Well up until now!)

Originally the main driver for picking products was either ones which were popular any way or sold very very in the store but not so well online. If that was the case it was often because the product when seen live and tried sold itself much easier than its reputation. Some products had misperceptions in the opposite way where people believed them much better than they were so we looked to simply offer the most accurate view we could. We've decided that we want to do more products that people are asking for information on even if we do not choose to sell them. We did this in 2016 with Thai Boxing Gloves where we reviewed a Sandee glove that we'd seen non stop complaints about from customers during a time when we did sell that glove. I'd at the time never used Sandee gloves prefering a longer Western style glove such as Reyes or the excellent Revgear S3 so I'd never had call to test it until people started mentioning hand issues after continued use of that glove. Its still to a degree opinion and hand size but on trying the glove I instantly found the problem. We drafted in experienced Thai Boxer Juan Cerventes to take a further look at the glove and he also agreed. We don't generally like to pick out products we privately don't like for whatever reason prefering to at least pick gear we choose to endorse on the site but the demand for this form of review is massive and we guarantee we give you our honest opinion so from here on in we are taking product requests whether we stock them or not, this could result in less than positive reviews on products we have already privately rejected however there are sometimes other issues around a product forcing us not to stock them where we think they are excellent (Top King for example) so we will tell you if thats the case.

Are We Biased towards Certain Brands or Products?

Yes....well kind of. In 2014 when we moved from Fightstoremma to Fightstorepro we decided we had tested and seen enough of the industry to offer an expert viewpoint on what was out there and culled multiple lines out of the inventory we had a criteria on who stayed and why which is there to this day. Of course new stuff comes around all the time such as the excellent Kingz and Virus brands but as a rule we hand pick the best gear to be represented on Fightstorepro so we already have decided for or against on many brands and products. We heavilly endorse brand lines such as Fairtex, Revgear, Ringside, Fuji and Danger because they are genuinely as a rule excellent across many different product groups. Some brands where we stock only a more limited range such as Hayabusa is because we are picking what we see as the better products and every so often we cull the products that are left behind by the times. We did this recently with a major boxing brand because they could simply no longer justify their price tag versus the competition. We never favour something because it is from a particular brand and as a rule even if we have a close relationship with that brand such as (Fuji, Fairtex and Revgear) if they sent us a stinker we'll still tell you. Some brands which we got rid of such as Sandee have some excellent lines (pads & heavy bags) but didn't have any stand out product or a line that made us think they were a must have and was just a replication of what we had whereas for example Danger Equipments gloves, shorts and shins were all in our view offering more than Sandee to the consumer.

TESTING FIGHT GEAR HERE! - Thats why we're the fighters choice!

One other thing that happens behind the scenes that many people won't realize is some of the brands we work with we are well aware of their testing and production process there are products that needed tweaks which we rejected before they entered the inventory later on after the brand fixed the issues. We give some product lines to specialists in their fields to test and if they get the thumbs up we accept them when they don't you don't see them on the Fightstore Website. Over the years we have had direct feedback from guys like Jon Lewis Dickinson, Andrew Buchanan, Joe Laws, Arnold Allen, Ross Pearson, Andy Ogle, Terrance Bosson, Pete Irving, Jimmy Pedro, Alex Enlund and many more. These guys really really know their stuff and great brands listen some just do what they do but we are committed to being the real expert website for Fight Gear in the UK and Europe and its our solid belief you can't do this without testing and the opinion of seasoned professionals.

So Whats Next?

From here on in we are doing things a little different and you will see a whole bunch of products that don't make FSPRO as well as those which do. When we group products together sometimes we do this on price brackets but more often we do as the comparrisons are direct so if one is half the price of the other we still think it stands up to that product regardless of price. The S3 versus the Reyes would be a great example of this where one is 3 times more expensive but many people consider the S3 a better Boxing glove. Fire us your comments on FB, YouTube and Twitter and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to our channel are you ready for the ride?

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