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3 Things You Must Know When Buying Fight Gear

The Three Essential Things You Must Know When Buying Boxing & MMA Gear Online!
  1. Buy Early! – The Early Bird definitely gets the worm in this industry. Boxing and MMA is not like most mainstream sports especially if you want the top Professional gear that our company specializes in. Much of it is imported directly from Thailand and the USA so therefore shipments often take weeks. Fightstorepro Stock hundreds of lines and thousands of products but Combat Sports are still niche and when they are gone they can take months to come back into stock. Secondarily During Mid November and December no matter who you buy from they all use the same couriers and Royal mail WILL slow down. Heavy items usually take longer in any case so the earlier you purchase the better. At we man the phones between 10 and 5 every day except Sundays and also have an online chat service (manned by the same people as the phone!) So making sure you get your gear on time couldn’t be easier with the PRO’s
  2. GET THE RIGHT GEAR...All Fight gear is not the same;The brands can be complex and can have major variations between styles even even when they made by the same companies (often due to items being manufactured in different factories often on different continents). When buying gifts this can be a confusing and many items can have wide variations in sizing for example Medium Shinguards can be totally different sizes between two brands. At Fightstorepro WE KNOW OUR STOCK and participate in the sports we sell gear for. WE can ensure you make the right choices. Call Us during the day or drop us an email and we WILL help you make the right choice for you or your love ones! (Tel 0191 2303030)
  3. KNOW HOW YOU ARE BUYING FROM! There are two things to consider here. Online there are many companies purposefully appear to be based in the UK when they actually abroad. This means you might be in for a long wait or worse.... We are based in Newcastle Upon Tyne in the North East of England (Find us on Google Maps!) Secondly which is potentially a worse issue many companies especially on Ebay and even on Amazon are selling products which are not authentic or deliberately misleading . We recommend only purchasing this type of equipment from stores like ours whose reputation depends on ONLY selling the best authentic equipment. You can Buy with confidence from the UK's Best MMA Shop WWW.FIGHTSTOREPRO.COM

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