13KGHT80 Twins Curved Thai Leather Kick Pads Brown – FightstorePro
Twins Curved Thai Leather Kick Pads Brown - FightstorePro
Twins Curved Thai Leather Kick Pads Brown - FightstorePro

Twins Curved Thai Leather Kick Pads Brown

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Twins Muay Thai Kick Pads

This excellent set of kick pads from Twins are of premium quality and produced only in Thailand. Specifically designed for the kind of hard-core punishment that Muay Thai typically dishes out and years of use, these pads are extra-thick and are considered widely an industry-standard amongst Muay Thai Kick Boxers, coaches, and Kickboxing & MMA Practitioners alike. Inside this classic Muay Thai Kick Pad, you will find top-of-line high-density padding, wrapped in 100% cowhide leather these feature Velcro fastening straps to make the process of putting them on and taking them off easy. Despite being mid-weight they have excellent shock absorption and are terrific for all levels of Muay Thai practice. Designed for hard-hitters and heavy punishment!


Muay Thai, Stand Up, Kickboxing, MMA


    • Top of the line density padding
    • 100% cowhide leather
    • High-density foam yet not too heavy
    • Multi-layered to absorb heavier strikes
  • Sold as a pair


The Money Saver: The REVGEAR Curved Thai pads save a few quid and have many of the same features as the Twins kick pads, although the Revgear very similar in construction and have some features the Twins does not.

The All-Rounder: A more versatile set of Thai pads would be the Fairtex flat pads which have a larger striking surface.

The Rolls Royce: These twins are arguably the best quality pads we do. Priced fairly high, the quality reflects the investment. However Boon straight buckle pads are also fantastic quality and slightly cheaper, check them out


Often Thai pads are used in conjunction with a belly pad and focus mitts check out our full range

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