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Fairtex Low Leg Kick Pad

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Fairtex low leg kick pad or the 'Thai Suitcase bag' is a great tool for training power leg kicks. Usually you would have to swivel Thai pad's down to catch kicks and because of the angle the fighter has to pull the kicks power. This low leg kick pad allows a fighter to throw full force as it is simply held by its 'Suitcase' handle over the thigh and provides maximum protection through thick padding. Made with durable Skyntek leather over a multi-layered high impact foam core, this can take a beating. Suitable for both left and right-handed coaches, this pad has 2 handles on either end making it suitable for push kicks. A great niche option.


Muay Thai, MMA


  • Skyntek leather
  • Dual handles for push kicks
  • Lightweight
  • Thick padding
  • Suitcase style pad
  • Black/white
  • One size


These pads are held by a suitcase handle and therefore fit anyone of any size.

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