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Fairtex 6ft Banana Kick Bag Blue - Filled 45kg

Fairtex 6ft Banana Kick Bag Blue - Filled 45kg

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This Muay Thai full length kick bag is famous throughout the Muay Thai and Kickboxing fraternity and is seen in the best gyms all over the world. Possibly seen as the "Standard" for a long bag its use is as an all round heavy bag but particularly good for practicing low point or the "Thai" roundhouse kick.

The famous Fairtex Banana Bag is designed to give you a full contact, total body workout

Dimension: 36 cm dia. x 180 cm
Approx weight: 45kg

Made to the highest quality using "synthetic leather" this bag will be seen around Muay Thai and MMA gyms world wide, if you want the best then this is it. Perfect for punching kicks and Knees. Reinforced straps with extra leather inserts to protect against wear on the holding rings at the top of the bag.

We recommend that you also buy a set of swivels to reduce strain on the straps of your bag. Without them, there's a higher chance of damaging your bag. We stock Heavy Weight Swivels (rated for up to 50kg) and Commercial Weight Swivel (rated for up to 65kg).

Fairtex is recognized as the gear of champions and endorsed by world champion fighters, instructors, promoters and sanctioning bodies worldwide as the leader and innovator in high impact combat sports. Fairtex equipment is “Engineered for Top Performance” and students from all over the world train with fairtex.


Stand Up , MMA


    • High quality synthetic leather
    • Approx weight 50kg
    • Reinforced straps