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Twins Muay Thai Gloves, Muay Thai Shorts, Focus Mitts, Thai Pads and Accessories

Twins Boxing Gloves and Equipment is a Muay Thai boxing brand that is arguably the most esteemed in the world for Muay Thai. Produced in Thailand and made from the highest quality leather and fantastic design options, Twins boxing gloves, shinguards, shorts and protective equipment are top of the line. Built both to perform and last, Twins' range of equipment is engineered to offer the best support and quality to Muay Thai fighters the world over. A brand recognised worldwide, the reason is clear, Twins Boxing Equipment performs. Their range of Thai boxing shorts is extensive and exudes quality and their pads and equipment are slightly more pricey than competitors but for a reason. Twins Thai pads are great bits of kit too, and you'll never hear a bad report of Twins boxing gloves. Twins are Thailand's leading Muay Thai brand and will always be the last word in quality.

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