Thai Belly Pads are a piece of Thai Boxing Equipment used worldwide by both Muay Thai, K1 and MMA trainers. A quality Thai Belly pad sometimes known as a Belly Protector protects the coach from knees, Front kicks and roundhouse kicks and are usually used in conjunction with a set of thai kick pads. Brands such as Danger Equipment, Twins and Fairtex all make excellent Thai made Belly pads whilst American Manufacturer Revgear makes a mean Belly pad too!

Whether you're a beginner, a seasoned veteran, or just keeping fit, we have pads to suit every style, level and budget, and if you're unsure about choosing the right product for you, check out our YouTube channel, or visit our Blog for all the latest product info, size guides and information. Or give us a call on 0191 435 3624

Thai Belly Pads

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