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I'm Harry Hardwick; I am a professional MMA fighter signed to Cage Warriors.

I am the number 1 ranked Professional featherweight fighter in the UK and Ireland. I train and coach out of Middlesbrough Fight Academy and have trained both amateur and professional world champions in MMA.
I use Pinnacle MMA gloves every MMA practice because they are one of the only MMA gloves available that both allows me to make a first/ grip things properly and has sufficient enough padding to protect my hands and training partners.

The Pinnacle shinguards are great especially for MMA as they both protect your shins and feet but aren't big an bulky so they don't get in the way when grappling in MMA sparring 

The S5 all rounder are possibly the best pair of boxing gloves I have ever seen. The shape accommodates the need for some hand mobility and gripping like in Muay Thai or shootboxing, the wrist support means they are great for bagwork and padwork and they are the only pair of gloves someone has complemented me on after I've hit them with them due to the excellent padding on the knuckles.

The Air mitts are the best focus mitts I've ever used hands down, I have held many rounds for many big hitters over the years and I've had various hand injuries from when I was younger that have never been slightly aggrevated while I've been using the Air Mitts. 

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