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As a coach you want the best for your students. Fightstore Pro provides the very best focus mitts on the market. Including a wide range of different styles, our focus pads come in small, large, straight, curved, PU and full leather. Having good focus mitts is crucial when working with students to ensure safety for both the students hands and the trainers bones and joints as repetitive impacts on focus pads that don't have good enough padding can lead to bone and joint aches and injuries. It is also massively important for the progression of students as focus mitts help work on speed, power control and complete accuracy overall improving the students boxing skills and leading them to become a better martial artist. We have focus pads imported in from countries around the world such as Thailand from huge brands in martial arts such as Fairtex, Pro Box, Revgear and more.

Whether you're a beginner, a seasoned veteran, or just keeping fit, we have pads to suit every style, level and budget, and if you're unsure about choosing the right product for you, check out our YouTube channel, or visit our Blog for all the latest product info, size guides and information. Or give us a call on 0191 435 3624

Focus Mitts

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Pinnacle RG1 Gel Focus Mitts
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