Ringhorns Charger shin guard - Review

Ringhorns Charger shin guard - Review

Ringhorns Charger shin guard - Review

"The Notorious" Conor McGregor was recently pictured with teammate and Bellator Welterweight, Peter "The Showstopper" Queally just prior to his bout with Myles Price at Bellator 217. I found it interesting that McGregor would be using Venum Ringhorns shinguards. Why? Because Conor McGregor is not your average fighter, not even your average professional fighter, this man can use any fight gear he wants at any time. Many amateur fighters, including myself pick their gear to a large degree based on what they can afford first and then secondly the quality of the equipment. Most amateurs and/or novice martial artists alike can barely afford to pay their gym fees, let alone buy top priced equipment. Some professional fighters around McGregor's ranking for example, will already have an equipment sponsor which they will have to use, but McGregor is in the 1%, and I can well imagine that he can basically pick up whatever he likes to train in regardless of price. In reality, when you make 100+ million to box Floyd Mayweather, you are hardly going to be worried about the price point on your equipment. So I can only speculate that he chose these Ringhorns shin guards because they were his personal preference. As far as design, I personally like the Chargers. They are very well padded on the foot & the shin, which is essential for me because a lot of the kicking injuries I have sustained over the years, have been from using poorly padded shinguards. Catching a training partners elbow when throwing body kicks, I can assure you is very painful. Most of the broken foot injuries that occur in MMA,K1 or Muay Thai come from this exact scenario. The Ringhorns shinguards are made out of PU, which while I feel is not the best material for the job (my personal preference is always full leather), but with a price point of £35.99 they certainly do not break the bank, and I would have no problem adding them into my gym bag. In summary, I would highly recommend these Ringhorns Charger shinguards for someone who is just starting out training, maybe up to 3x a week. These are an excellent entry level pair of shinguards that are competetively priced for the quality they offer. It is offten difficult to find a decent shinguard under the £60 price point, but these certainly fit that mould. Equally, any amateur fighter that might be struggling with funds and using sub par equipment, these are excellent option, and you really will not find another shinguard under £40 that comes close. In short, these come highly recommended, and you can also complete the set with the matching MMA sparring, or Boxing gloves which are similarly excellent value for money. BUY Ringhorns Charger Shin Guard or check out our Thai Shin Guards YouTube videos

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