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A rare opportunity to own a piece of Muay Thai history...

With only 300 of these beauties being made available worldwide, this truly is a rareft4 opportunity to own a piece of Muay Thai history... and Fightstore Pro has been lucky enough to get their hands on them. Already convinced? Buy your set now From the legendary Muay Thai brand, Fairtex, comes the limited edition REBORN, one of the rarest gloves available with the brand only producing 300 pairs of these gloves for distribution worldwide! Each pair of Fairtex Reborn Gloves comes with a limited edition box, a number card and a genuine leather limited edition Reborn boxing glove key ring. The Reborn BGV15 gloves are made form 100% cowhide leather; with the leather used a very rare style producing a unique colouring effect. A brand new design structure and padding has also been incorporated into the model, with ample padding for maximum safety without compromising the weight of the gloves. The structure of the Reborn gloves allows for maximum comfort, with the grip bar stitched into the palm.ft3
  • 100% genuine leather
  • Brand new structure and padding
  • Extremely rare - Only 300 pairs worldwide
  • Genuine leather key ring included
  • Branded Presentation Box
  • Grip bar
  • Handmade in Thailand
The Reborn truly is a one-off item and we're delighted to be able to offer them to our Fightstore clients.


So one questions remains - would you actually dare to use them, or would they stay in prize condition, ready to cash in on e bay in years to come?

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