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Muay Thai Shorts - Buyers Guide

Muay Thai Shorts Buyers Guide Unlike many of our buyer guides, there's a fairly straightforward rule with Thai boxing shorts. Buy THAI and you can't go far wrong. However, the main trick is to choose the right style for you and understand things like sizing, materials and how they fit on western legs when they're typically made for a smaller Thai frame.
The short, wide legs on Thai shorts is designed to allow unrestricted kicking and comfort whilst training, especially in the humidity and heat of Thailand. Other than that there is little to a pair of Thai shorts in terms of function. But the design is a whole other issue, with a style and flamboyance not matched in any other sport in the world. Sizing This is the thing that confuses most Westerners; Thai sizing is totally different to Western sizing! Here are the basic rules to follow when it comes to size: THAI Waist Size Small: 24"- 26" Medium: 27" – 29" Large: 29" – 31" XL: 32" - 33" XXL: 34" – 35" XXXL: 36" - 38"
It's worth remembering that there is also some variation in leg length between the brands, and for some people they might fit the next category up or down from what they are used to in western sizing. Also, Fairtex does not typically use this system and to complicate matters further don’t quite use Western sizing either! First, let's take a look over some of the brand options. I mentioned buy Thai which is generally the best policy. The countries which manufacture apparel such as China, India, Pakistan and of course many South East Asian countries generally have no idea what makes a good pair of Thai Shorts; the Thai’s, however, definitely do, calling on a bank of knowledge and manufacturing experience that is second to none. SO BUY THAI! FAIRTEX High quality and with a distinct range of designs, in the main Fairtex sport their own logo to the front and use both satin and nylon for their Thai shorts. Styles tend to be in both garment design and in the decoration. Fairtex shorts are hugely popular and when the brand bring out new designs the Thai boxing world takes notice. Fairtex do not use standard Thai sizing and are approximately in line with Western sizes on the small size. If you are a Medium (32) in a western size you will be either a Medium or Large in Fairtex Shorts! TWINS Twins Shorts are a standard fit for Muay Thai shorts and typically have roomy legs and a deep waistband. They use the Thai waist sizing (see chart above)! Their designs used to be somewhat lacklustre but in recent years they have stepped up their game and now offer a growing range of eye catching and authentic designs that compete with Fairtex. DANGER EQUIPMENT Another brand that has significantly upped their game in recent years, offering both simple two-tone shorts and a range of glittery, stand-out designs more akin to Fairtex. Classic Thai sizing applies here too! BOON SPORT Brand-wise, if you want a really authentic Thai style, Boon are a good choice. They tend to have longer legs to allow wrap over or Thai style. Boon only use satin and very high quality materials in their shorts. OTHERS SHORTS... Finally, if you're not a fan of Thai style shorts, but still require some robust legwear, check out our full range of fight and training shorts here.

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