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Dokebi Bros - Vintage BJJ Style..

Fightstorepro is offered a new brand to retail every single week sometimes twice a week and for the most part we turn them down. Facts are this is a tough industry and to stand out or even get past the starting blocks you have to do something a little different, the days of starting another T shirt business with the words "Jiu Jitsu or MMA" being your main selling point are long gone however every so often we are happy to add in a new brand because they dare to be different; Welcome Dokebi Bros from Austria! Here's a statement from the founder Paul Friendlander
Dokebi Bros. started its operations on the November of 2012. The brainchild of Paul Friedlander, a freelance graphic designer, martial arts/BJJ enthusiast and Jusuf Rasched, a business student and BJJ competitor.
Originally Dokebi Bros. was intended as a BJJ t-shirt brand only. However, Jusuf and I quickly realised that the possibilities were much greater and decided to go beyond that.
Dokebi Bros. aims to do things differently from other brands. For one, we are the only BJJ company that produces Gi's in South Korea. Our designs are original and don't imitate other companies.
Today we have successfully created a brand that show cases high-end products throughout the wide spectrum of BJJ gear. Constantly searching for the perfect combination of quality and design, Dokebi Bros. is striving to becoming a household name in the BJJ industry.
Paul Friedlander
Managing Director
Dokebi Bros. co.

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